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关于我们 / About Us

如果您有摄影和设计的需求,欢迎联系 IMGII STUDIO,我们将竭诚为您服务。请致电:139-6262-2212 (郑先生) / QQ:1315188

简介 / introduction

IMGII STUDIO成立于2011年12月1日,位于江苏省太仓市。我们致力于 商业摄影 及 设计 领域,拥有300平米独立工作区和摄影棚,满足各种拍摄需求。所合作的商家涉及范围包括:服装、房产、3C产品、模具、互联网、家具等。

IMGII STUDIO was established on December 1, 2011 in the city of Taicang-Jiangsu Province in China.We focus on the commercial photography and the design industry. Our site is of 300m2 with independent office area and studio to meet any demands of our customers.

Our business scope covers the industries of clothing, real estate, electronic products, mould, internet, furniture…

团队 / Team

  • Uncle Gao
  • Fox Zheng
  • Zimo
  • Derek Wei
  • Reed Gan

联络 / Contact

139-6262-2212 (郑先生)
江苏省太仓市上海东路95号 Y-1
imgii_com (微信)